It's Been Said Before

Are you unpoopular? Do you pop out at parties?

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Play Nice

The original writings are my own works, thoughts, ideas etc. You get my drift. I always make sure to give proper credit where credit is due and I hold others to that same standard. Key words: honor code.

Novel Ideas

November is National Novel Writing Month. Last year, I didn't get very far with my novel writing attempts. Despite outlining a few story ideas, I only managed to write about four pages I believe. That would officially make me a NaNoWriMo failure. Oh well, there's always next November!


Favorite Poetry

I Said to Poetry --Alice Walker

Ain't I a Woman! -- Sojourner Truth

Phenomenal Woman --Maya Angelou

How to Watch Your Brother Die --Michael Hassell

Original Writing


To you
Be the Child
A Matter of Importance
Coffee Break
I love scars
Body Shivers
Irreconcilable Differences
A House is a Home
The Dismantling
Dem Bones