As deep as a puddle after a hard rain

Sometimes it would help if we could judge a book by its cover

The description for this book seemed cute. The hen is sometimes forgetful and makes mistakes but she apologizes to the chicks and they forgive her, learning that even parents make mistakes. Sounds nice, I thought, and it looks so pretty.

I read it to Isabela for the first and last time yesterday. The hen is forgetful and clumsy and isn’t the greatest mom sometimes. So after the third time she neglects her chicks she tells them she’s giving them up for adoption because surely someone else can care for them better. But the chicks beg her not to and tell her that even if she’s forgetful she cares for them best. So she decides to keep them.

What the ever loving fuck is this bullshit?

Even if my sweet girl weren’t adopted what a ridiculous way to try to teach grace and forgiveness for someone’s flaws to small children. But I especially cannot read her this story. Having her understand her adoption story will be complex enough without me adding to it with nonsense like this.

I’m so annoyed I didn’t look at this book a week ago because the return window is closed and I hate the story so much I don’t even want to donate the book and send this nonsense out into the world where someone may pick it up.


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