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About LunaNina

Dharmafrog, 2014
Dharmafrog, 2014

As I mentioned in the section about me, this domain has been my main home on the web for nearly 20 years. This is the place where I allowed myself to play around with HTML and CSS. This is where I blogged about whatever bit of fluffery popped into my head - though I don’t believe I ever wrote about what I was having for breakfast. Though not because I was above it - I just don’t typically have breakfast. And if I do, it’s nothing fancy so while I don’t have qualms about boring people with my writing (this paragraph is proof of that) I just didn’t think folks would care that I was having toast, yet again.

Through blogging on this domain I found people who shared my interests in writing, in coding, etc. I don’t think it’s seen as strange now, to make friends with people you may never actually spend time with offline but back then? It was weird and fun and some of my closest friends are people I “met” through blogging. I’m happy to say that we have spent time offline and I hope to again once this ridiculous pandemic is over.

Let’s see - the website is powered by Expression Engine, the logo was recently given a much needed makeover by the lovely Brenda Ponney aka Secret Agent Josephine, and the bad coding (yes, even with 20 years of on and off (more off than on for a long while now) learning, my code is still not great, is done by me.

The site has been powered by EE for more than a decade now. Unfortunately I wasn’t diligent about keeping up with the updates. Recent changes to the software meant that my entire site has to be rebuilt. This has been a much slower process than I anticipated. Coming up with a design I like has stumped me and so I decided to go with the default EE layouts while I get back to adding content. I’m hoping to add some color because this blue and gray theme is not working for me. Between work and caring for a curious, busy toddler though - I don’t know. I may have to learn to love the blue and gray.