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About Patricia

Dharmafrog, 2014
Dharmafrog, 2014

I picked up a little HTML back in 2000 by blinging out my Black Planet and MiGente pages (marquee tag! If you get that, then, welcome! You are my people.). From there I moved to Geocities because I wanted to have more flexibility to play around with more code. As I picked up more code I found myself outgrowing the blogging platforms. From Geocities I moved to Blogger, then Movable Type and finally, to Expression Engine. EE has been powering my amateurish coding attempts for more than a decade now. There’s something about carving a little space on the web that has always appealed to me, even if I severely neglected that space. Details.

Twenty years - that’s a long time and yet it feels like it passed at hyper speed. I am now 47, have an 18 month old. Together we’re living through a pandemic. I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to writing, saying and thinking that.

We live on the east coast. I am originally from El Salvador. I say I like to write, read, take photographs. And sometimes I do those things. This online space has been home to those hobbies as well. I’m hoping that by reviving the website that I can also revive the urges to create again.

Let’s see how that goes, shall we?

Thanks for reading,