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Title: Julita
Date: 05/12/2005
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Category: Obsessions


A souvenir from El Salvador. I think I’d bought it to give away but I liked it so much that I just had to keep it.

This is the first posted picture taken with the new Pentax.

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heh heh. is it meant to be a self-portrait in some sense?

Posted by j-a  on  05/13  at  02:54 PM

i like it.  what is a pupuseria?

Posted by romy  on  05/13  at  03:00 PM

pupusas are flour or corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, beans or pork. it’s the most well known salvadoran food i think. there are pupuserias on practically every corner in El Salvador ... and that’s a very good thing because they’re yummy. Well, except for the pork cuz that’s icky.

Posted by patricia  on  05/13  at  04:20 PM