Site Updates Nov 03
8/03 Site DesignFooter woes: One of the things I've never liked about this design is that the footer isn't fixed to the bottom of the page. This isn't a problem when the center content is longer than the sides, but as you can (maybe) see from the image, when a page doesn't have a lot of text the footer crawls up the page.

That's been driving me crazy. It's ugly and I don't like it. To fix the problem I put <pre> tags in my code to push the footer down, which is even uglier.

Unfortunately, I don't know enough about CSS and how it renders across browsers to fix the problem, but I do surf the Internet really well. The CSS-Discuss list-serv (I'll give you a moment to laugh about the fact that I'm on a CSS list-serv. Okay. Enough of that.) offered some possibilities, but each tutorial I came across was either way too complicated for me to understand and successfully modify or just didn't meet my needs.

Until now. The Floatutorial from seems to have solved my footer problem. The only problem I have with it is that the sides have to load before the center content,

Navigation: Since I was fooling around with the code I figured I'd tackle my navigation links. I've been meaning to redo them in a list format, but have been extremely lazy about it. However, after I read Jason Pearce's Keeping Navigation Current with PHP tutorial on A List Apart I decided it was the perfect time to tackle this little project.

Now, when you venture to the different parts of the site, the page you're on will be highlighted in the navigation bar.

Overall, I think the changes I made aren't hurting things too much. Things look fine in Internet Explorer, Netscape and, as of last night, Safari. If you notice anything buggy, please let me know.

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