Site Update August 03
For a while now I've been wanting to incorporate my -ahem- little heart obsession into my site design. I just hadn't quite figured out how to go about it without it being too over the top.

Then, during an all day strategic planning meeting at work, I had a thought. I quickly sketched it and tucked it away. This isn't exactly what I drew, but it's as close as I'm going to get since I'm still so graphically challenged. The red is much brighter than I'm used to* and the text on the left is a little hard to read so I need to give that a little more thought, but all in all, I'm pleased with it.

I don't think the heart is over done. I'll leave that for my comments and entries.

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March 03 Version

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sigh. Stylesheets really make changing the site so effortless. The hardest thing about the whole process is coming up with the design. And I'm using php include files to pull in everything but the actual content so changing my 200+ Web pages from the old stylesheet to the new one only required changing two lines of code. That's very sweet.

Still though, I've no doubt that there are some pages that are looking less than perfect just because that's the way things go. They'll have to stay broken till after my final on Monday, however. I need to spend the weekend studying.

* Changed the red; made it a little darker. The other red had a little too much orange for my taste. Not crazy about orange at all.
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