November 05 Update

Finally, a [slight] redesign. I’ve been wanting to make changes to the front page for a while now but I was having the hardest time getting motivated. Funnily enough, it was the urge to have brown and blue as the color scheme that finally got me interested enough to make a few changes. I also wanted to have the latest photo in the gallery as a main focus of the page. Mostly because I seem to update the gallery a lot more often than any other part of the site! Which isn’t saying much as I think I only average a photo every two weeks.

The latest etnry in the books section goes on the top as well. Eventually, when I get around to adding more content in other sections (which I’m still trying to decide on) that will be rotated through that space as well.

And for historical info .... Thumbnails of the old and new designs.

Edited 1/06:

Even when I think I’m done, I keep tweaking and tweaking and, well, you get the picture. I think I may be finally done. The bulk of the changes have occurred on the home page and though I’m still not quite sure about the actual content that’s going up on the site, at least now more than the site up dates are appearing on the front page. I really do feel like this could be a design that stays up for a while.

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