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Writober 05: Insecurities

I’m low maintenance in pretty much all things save one: friendships. Oh, I’ll lie through my teeth and tell you things are fine. You haven’t called me in weeks? Please. It’s no big deal. I understand. People get busy, silly! Of course it’s okay.

You don’t IM me because you’re busy talking to someone else and you can’t manage more than one conversation at once? I know! Me too. All those windows, who can keep track? Get back to me when you can.

You tell me you don’t email me because you’re not good with words and yet, weeks later you let it slip that you sent another friend this long rambling thing that she never even responded to. Right. I sympathize. I nod my head and muse about how some people are just so rude.

And so on.

So I got you thinking, Wow. She’s so easy-going, and not demanding! I can really talk to her.


Oh. In my head I’m saying very bad, ugly, mean things about you and your non-calling, non-emailing, non-IMing ways. I sit back and consider how long I’ll hold the grudge. It serves you right, I mutter to myself and try to swallow the jealousy, the spitefulness, the silliness.

It is silly, all of that. I know it. I think that’s why, when the phone rings and your number shows up, or I check my email and see your address or the IM window pops open and your screenname is saying Hi!, I always respond.

Because, hey, didn’t I tell you? Everything is fine!

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