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Week 28

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Only you::
  2. 33::
  3. Foundation::
  4. Accidents::
  5. Hometown::
  6. Natural::
  7. Bombastic::
  8. Bachelor::
  9. Far away::
  10. Tony::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<ol><li>Only you::
<li>Far away::

I’ve got another game going this week too. A little writing/guessing game of sorts. Read more about Obfuscation: The Blog Game  (check out the Game On Redux entry). This isn’t a weekly thing. Just a one-time “I was bored so I’m causing trouble” sort of thing. Check it out, see if you want to play and if you’re up for it, let me know so I can add your name to the list. We’re up to 20 players so far.

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Mine are all up!!!  heart.gif

Posted by Meg  on  08/17  at  01:04 AM

up and at ‘em!

Posted by beth  on  08/17  at  01:38 AM

Alrighty, it’s up.

Posted by lauren  on  08/17  at  05:09 AM

***Mine are UP***

Posted by Tine  on  08/17  at  05:19 AM

Mine’re up.

Posted by Jillis  on  08/17  at  08:45 AM

Mine are up.

Posted by Tom  on  08/17  at  08:51 AM

Mine are up.

Posted by Melanie  on  08/17  at  08:52 AM

mine’s up!

my “mutterings”, that is… wink.gif

Posted by Johnny Bacardi  on  08/17  at  09:50 AM

Mine are up!

Posted by Karen  on  08/17  at  09:51 AM

My answers are up bandana.gif

Posted by Faymow  on  08/17  at  10:14 AM


Mine are up!!!

Posted by Amy  on  08/17  at  10:34 AM

my answers are up. For some reason I kept thinking of songs.

Posted by smash  on  08/17  at  11:09 AM

Mine are up

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/17  at  11:29 AM

Up up and away smile

Posted by caff  on  08/17  at  11:30 AM


Posted by Michelle  on  08/17  at  11:49 AM

mine is up!! check it out

Posted by feli  on  08/17  at  12:04 PM

Ours are posted!

Posted by Medb  on  08/17  at  12:16 PM

mine are up up up! wacko.gif

Posted by loon  on  08/17  at  12:53 PM

mad.gif Mine’s up… and i signed up for Obfuscation… cause granni’s can’t lie so i realllllly need the practice! Bonu… I’m pushin’ it on my blogs too!  heart.gif

Posted by granni39  on  08/17  at  12:59 PM

All done!  wink.gif

Posted by Nancy  on  08/17  at  01:04 PM

I’m up.

Posted by sya  on  08/17  at  01:14 PM

Only you:: can make my dreams come true
33:: 333 - the beast
Foundation:: charitable deduction
Accidents:: highways
Hometown:: smallville
Natural:: sacred earth
Bombastic:: out of control
Bachelor:: party
Far away:: the orient
Tony:: a life cut short

Posted by bryn  on  08/17  at  01:20 PM

Mine are up!  laugh3.gif

Posted by Alicia  on  08/17  at  02:05 PM

They’re up mad.gif

Posted by Lollipop  on  08/17  at  02:48 PM

i’m done.  thumbsup.gif

Posted by sara  on  08/17  at  03:02 PM

I’ll be up in a jiffy! =)

Posted by june  on  08/17  at  05:28 PM

Mine are up thumbsup.gif

Posted by Mary  on  08/17  at  05:30 PM

wink.gif Done

Posted by Cetta  on  08/17  at  05:35 PM

Wow! It’s Sunday already?

Posted by Susan  on  08/17  at  05:52 PM

Mine are up   smile1.gif

Posted by Gail  on  08/17  at  06:00 PM

Mine are up, see ya next week.

Posted by Rachel-G  on  08/17  at  07:36 PM

thumbsup.gif   Done, done, done!

Posted by Anonymous B. Nowhere  on  08/17  at  09:07 PM

Mine are up!

Posted by MishMish  on  08/17  at  09:19 PM

posted grin

Posted by deborah  on  08/17  at  10:07 PM

Mine are up, and only a day late.

Posted by Heather  on  08/17  at  10:07 PM

Mine is up

Posted by Les  on  08/17  at  10:12 PM

all up!

Posted by Caitlin  on  08/17  at  10:14 PM

mine will be up in a minute. smile

Posted by kaitlyn  on  08/17  at  10:29 PM

up now

Posted by so lost  on  08/18  at  12:15 AM

Theey are up!

Posted by Tish  on  08/18  at  12:49 AM


Posted by Anele  on  08/18  at  03:28 AM

mad.gif Seeing as i’m like what 62 in this long list…...... here’s mine ..........(so you don’t have to come visit me if you don’t want to *heehee*  disappointed.gif
Only you:: OMG! thanks now that songs stuck in my head!!!
33:: yes thats a number…..
Foundation:: I need to buy some of that
Accidents:: Don’t happen…they are caused (THANKS DAD!) raspberry
Hometown:: USA!! (What the???)
Natural:: Blond (which I’m not….well not on the outside) wink
Bombastic:: OMG!! SHAGY!!! Can not understand a word out of that mans mouth
Bachelor:: Guy from bat man…....Chris O’Donald (??)
Far away:: Nicole Kidman & Tom Curise (....Okay Peta….)mad.gif
Tony:: Martian   (and Mick Malloy!)
*still humming along to that song…..*

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/18  at  03:29 AM

Mine’s up.  Running late this week smile

Posted by deb  on  08/18  at  06:39 PM

Only you:: would think of that
33:: percent??
Foundation:: Big feet, solid foundation
Accidents:: bounty paper towels
Hometown:: Heros
Natural:: Disasters
Bombastic:: Super elastic bubble plastic
Bachelor:: Pad
Far away:: places
Tony::Orlando & Dawn

Posted by Sandie  on  08/18  at  10:08 PM

my answers are up. (obfuscation should definitely be fun.)  thumbsup.gif

Posted by gish  on  08/19  at  01:12 PM

Dae’s Demesne:: Only you:: can make this world seem right, 33:: bottles of beer on the wall, Foundation:: and Empire, Accidents:: can happen, Hometown:: girl, Natural:: instinct, Bombastic:: say me fantastic, Bachelor:: party, Far away:: from here, Tony:: the tiger

Posted by Dae  on  08/19  at  01:43 PM

wacko.gif   up and at them!

Posted by lee ann  on  08/19  at  09:52 PM

late again but for good reason. my mind has been on other things .. disappointed.gif

Posted by coralie  on  08/20  at  05:49 AM

Here’s mine!

Posted by Jimmy  on  08/20  at  11:45 AM

Here’s Mine!


Posted by Jimmy  on  08/20  at  11:47 AM

What day is it again? Oh, yeah, Wednesday…mine are up ... laugh3.gif

Posted by Kathy  on  08/21  at  12:44 AM

mine will be up in a few minutes mad.gif

Posted by Christina  on  08/21  at  11:35 AM

Late again. Whups. (here)

Posted by Madolyn  on  08/21  at  12:06 PM

<ol><li>Only you:: would do that
<li>33:: and third
<li>Foundation:: and empire
<li>Accidents:: will happen
<li>Hometown:: pride
<li>Natural:: light
<li>Bombastic:: shaggy
<li>Bachelor:: pad
<li>Far away:: in another place

Posted by Charles  on  08/21  at  02:43 PM

My ping isn’t working on movable type so HERE  gorgeous.gif

Posted by Melissa  on  08/22  at  01:00 AM

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