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[This is where the summary would go if I'd bothered to write one.]

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Week 27

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Miss America::
  2. Cherubs::
  3. Shark Week::
  4. Sunflowers::
  5. Sorority::
  6. Grilled chicken::
  7. 100::
  8. Tickle monster::
  9. Veronica::
  10. Slurpee::

Don’t feel like retyping the words? Just copy and paste the following into your blog:

<ol><li>Miss America::
<li>Shark Week::
<li>Grilled chicken: 
<li>Tickle monster::

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ima play soon :D

Posted by J  on  08/10  at  12:51 AM

Fun words this week

Posted by Michelle  on  08/10  at  01:05 AM

posted grin

Posted by deborah  on  08/10  at  01:11 AM

Up in a sec

Posted by epolady  on  08/10  at  01:12 AM

Mine are up…

Posted by Rachel-G  on  08/10  at  01:28 AM

***MINE ARE UP*** heart.gif   gorgeous.gif

Posted by Tine  on  08/10  at  04:14 AM

I tried for my first time. mad.gif

Posted by unicornbeauty  on  08/10  at  04:18 AM

Answers are up…

Posted by Evamaria  on  08/10  at  04:30 AM

Going up soon!

Posted by Willow  on  08/10  at  04:35 AM

I’m done

Posted by Jillis  on  08/10  at  04:55 AM

i’m up wacko.gif

btw, did you know that your ‘remember me’ still doesn’t remember me? wink.gif

Posted by coralie  on  08/10  at  05:33 AM

Up once again

(BTW what the hell is Shark week???)  mad.gif

Posted by Possum  on  08/10  at  06:00 AM

mine’s up!

Posted by Beverly  on  08/10  at  08:14 AM

heart.gif Miss America:: swim suit
Cherubs:: chubby angels
Shark Week:: spring break
Sunflowers:: blowing in the wind
Sorority:: girls
Grilled chicken:: sandhich with tomato & lettuce
100:: old
Tickle monster:: giggling
Veronica:: Archie
Slurpee::colorful straws

Posted by Sandie  on  08/10  at  08:35 AM

Here’s mine!

Posted by Carrie  on  08/10  at  08:44 AM

I’m up.

Posted by sya  on  08/10  at  09:31 AM

Mine’s up thumbsup.gif

Posted by deb  on  08/10  at  09:35 AM

Mine are up

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/10  at  10:31 AM

Up! wacko.gif

Posted by Karen  on  08/10  at  10:42 AM

Shark week made me laugh out loud.  I don’t know why.  laugh3.gif

Posted by von  on  08/10  at  10:55 AM

Mine are Up!  gorgeous.gif

Posted by Amy  on  08/10  at  11:10 AM

Shark Week  help.gif

Posted by patricia  on  08/10  at  11:26 AM

My answers are up

Posted by Faymow  on  08/10  at  11:50 AM

mine are up! gorgeous.gif

Posted by Caitlin  on  08/10  at  11:54 AM

Mine are up.

Posted by Tom  on  08/10  at  12:12 PM

My answers are posted dahhhlink.  gorgeous.gif

Posted by Trishie  on  08/10  at  12:34 PM

mine’s done

Posted by Cindy  on  08/10  at  12:46 PM

Mine are up! mad.gif

Posted by Rilana  on  08/10  at  01:57 PM

Mine are up!

Posted by Tish  on  08/10  at  02:05 PM

Miss America:: Drop Dead Gorgeous
Cherubs::plaster mantle ornaments
Shark Week::Reichen in the fishtank
Grilled chicken::what’s for dinner tonight
100::and one dalmations
Tickle monster::cookie monster
Veronica::and Igal
Slurpee::brain freeze

Posted by Kelly  on  08/10  at  03:06 PM

Mine are up

Posted by Les  on  08/10  at  03:21 PM

After struggling with the Blogger demons, it’s finally up…

Posted by Ferro Lad  on  08/10  at  04:33 PM

Mine are up bandana.gif

Posted by Lynn  on  08/10  at  05:28 PM

Posted and Pinged thumbsup.gif

Posted by J  on  08/10  at  07:22 PM

<ol><li>Miss America:: pageant
<li>Cherubs:: angels
<li>Shark Week:: A&E
<li>Sunflowers:: seeds
<li>Sorority:: sister
<li>Grilled chicken: BBQ
<li>100:: centennial
<li>Tickle monster:: elmo
<li>Veronica:: jughead
<li>Slurpee:: snowcone

Posted by bryn  on  08/10  at  08:50 PM

Here again. Can I be put on the list? thumbsup.gif

Posted by locura  on  08/10  at  10:33 PM

i’m up!

Posted by Kathy  on  08/10  at  11:14 PM

up in a minute. smile

Posted by Kaitlyn  on  08/10  at  11:45 PM

up now.

Posted by so lost  on  08/11  at  01:04 AM

finally - mine are up   mad.gif

Posted by dragonsinger  on  08/11  at  02:35 AM

mine are up

Posted by Christy  on  08/11  at  02:51 AM

Mine aren’t very original, but they are up!

Posted by chip  on  08/11  at  03:32 AM

My mutterings are up!  thumbsup.gif

Posted by Kathy  on  08/11  at  07:35 AM


Posted by Cetta  on  08/11  at  09:00 AM

mine are up…

Posted by MishMish  on  08/11  at  09:11 AM

Better late than never- mine are up.

Posted by Michelle  on  08/11  at  10:55 AM

Always late for the party.
Anyway, mine’s up! thumbsup.gif

Posted by Johnny Bacardi  on  08/11  at  11:49 AM

Mine are up.  wink

Posted by Kimia  on  08/11  at  02:52 PM

here are mine!

Posted by alexis  on  08/11  at  05:10 PM

mine are posted on my site

1. Miss America :: Scandal
2. Cherubs :: Angels
3. Shark Week :: On Discovery Channel
4. Sunflowers :: Tall
5. Sorority :: Sisters
6. Grilled chicken :: Yummy
7. 100 :: bottles of beer on the wall
8. Tickle monster :: Aren’t these topics getting weird?
9. Veronica :: Elvis Costello
10. Slurpee :: 7-11 in Niagara Falls Canada

Posted by christine  on  08/11  at  06:22 PM

a day late, but mine are up now.

Posted by smash  on  08/11  at  06:32 PM

I would say something, but I would get into trouble!

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  08/11  at  06:41 PM

Just a wee bit late.

Posted by Madolyn  on  08/12  at  11:55 AM

Mine are up smile

Posted by Faith  on  08/12  at  12:20 PM

First timer. Very cool.

Posted by Susan  on  08/12  at  05:03 PM

A bit late, but they’re finally up.

Posted by crystaltear  on  08/12  at  06:38 PM

Mine are up! laugh3.gif

Posted by Alicia  on  08/13  at  02:24 PM

My answers are up now…

Posted by A  on  08/13  at  02:50 PM

Mine are all up!

Posted by Meg ( Angel Breeze)  on  08/13  at  08:07 PM

sick.gif We’re late, but here they are. . .

Posted by Medb  on  08/13  at  10:22 PM

Posted for the first time…

Posted by Lynne  on  08/14  at  01:40 AM

up ^_^

Posted by gish  on  08/15  at  04:16 PM

It took me all week to get around to it, but they’re up!

Posted by Anele  on  08/16  at  04:59 AM

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