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Up High

Can a person who never drinks ever get drunk on love?
I went to the top of the mountain to talk to Mohammed
and he told me he liked the sunsets.
I closed my eyes and hurled myself off the ledge.
My skin is a little scraped, my left hip hurts a bit,
but other than that I’m just fine.

Though I seem to have lost a shoe along the way.
The left one. Kindly return it if you happen to come across it.
I’ll certainly pay you back the shipping & handling.

You could keep it, I suppose.
Then you’d be able to say, “I’ve walked a mile in her shoe.”
People would correct you, of course they would.
People are like that.
I’m like that and I’m people therefore
we can extrapolate the findings
to the entire world population.
“You mean ‘Walked in her shoes.’ Plural with an s.”
“No, singular with no dangly parts on the end.”

Curvy letter, curvy letter.
Meandering along
there was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile
to get to his crooked house where
the sun shone from the inside out

Strange, you say.
But often I’ve found that the strangest things
are the truest.
Making sense only in the wee hours of the morning
when I’m performing miracles so
God can rest.
There are no more seventh days.
Each day is a first, a last, an always.
Makes it difficult to plan ahead.

But I persevere.
Hobbling along with only one right shoe.
I’ll see you at the top of the mountain.
Don’t forget to tie your shoe laces tight.
That fall down is a bitch and a half.

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