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Matt: I don’t understand you. I don’t know if I ever did.

Joan: Don’t be so melodramatic. What’s to understand? Don’t over think things. It just is and that’s that.

Matt: It really is that simple for you, isn’t it?

Joan: It could be this simple for you too, if you would only let it.

Matt: I’m not sure that I work that way.

Joan: You can work anyway you want. I would have thought you’d gotten that by now.

Matt: No, no. I haven’t gotten that. You act as if there aren’t consequences to behaving this way.

Joan: No, I know there are consequences. I just don’t give a damn.

Matt: See, that’s what I don’t understand about you.

Joan: Only that?

Matt: No. Everything.

Joan: I don’t know if we have time for everything.

Matt: I didn’t think we would.

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is freaking you out a good thing or bad thing?

Posted by patricia  on  09/24  at  02:29 PM

depends… but usually i like it and i sure keep coming back for more

Posted by dan  on  09/24  at  05:50 PM

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