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Despite the fact that I’ve gotten good about being selfish (“I envy that about you.”) at the core, I still have this insane need to please, to be pleasing.

So when I was talking with the personal trainer about my exercise habits (or more specifically, the lack thereof) I shared with him that I have kept track of every session I’ve done since February 2006 (give or take a few). I sensed, then, that that might be over sharing and today that fear was validated.

“Sooo,” he asked, “how was this week?”

I cringed, preparing for the lecture. “Not great,” I said. “I let the bad weekend carry over into the week.”

“I took a look at your log and I noticed there were three days missing. Was that an oversight?”

He’s only known me for a couple of weeks but he knew perfectly well that wasn’t an oversight.

“No,” I said. “Not an oversight.”


“But,” I exclaimed, “at least I didn’t revert to old habits!”

“That’s good.”

But instead of a gold star, he handed me two five pound weights and made me do another set of exercises on the step.

Bastard. I hate him.

And don’t think I haven’t told him so.

But the fact that I said it while I was laughing may have taken the edge off a bit.

I know I can’t rely on this person forever, but I have to say, honestly? He’s helping so much right now. Not just to get me moving, but, quite frankly, it’s good to have someone to talk to who isn’t connected to work. Thank god I’m paying him to help me lose weight, otherwise I would feel like such a loser (no pun intended) for paying him to be my friend.


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