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The Ring

She swung her legs gently, setting the swing in motion. She wondered idly if anyone was looking for her.  If they really knew her, as they claimed, they’d have no trouble figuring out where she was.

On the backward arc she liked leaning back so that her hair touched the ground. What she really wanted to do was lay naked on a mound of dirt. To feel the dirt enter her pores, filling her up. She wanted to burrow in it, to feel it sifting through her fingers and toes. Taste it upon her lips -the musky, loamy taste reminding her of the time when life was nothing but death sweetly cherished.

Instead she sat on the swing and stirred air molecules.

She swung until the chains buckled and her stomach lurched. Only then did she stop. She planted her feet firmly on the ground and stared at the shiny thing on her finger. She extended her left arm and splayed her hand, twirling it so the diamond caught the last of the sun’s rays.

She slowly took the ring off, closed her eyes and lobbed it out in front of her. Afterwards, she swung her legs gently, setting the swing in motion. She kept her eyes closed until she could no longer feel the weight of the ring on her finger.

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i love it! beautiful, patricia. truly…xoxo,

Posted by The Evil Queen  on  09/06  at  07:18 PM

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