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The Box

The box had long ago been forgotten. Many years ago, tiny fingers happily plucked it off the shelf and opened its lid to reveal priceless treasures. Often it was held closed by rubber bands for the wondrous things that needed to be kept secret were numerous. At any given moment it could list each item that had been lovingly placed inside of its green velvet interior.

But now, it found itself sitting high on a shelf, shoved against a wall. It was surrounded and smothered by books that passed their time by gathering dust.  It often wondered if it should be sad about being forgotten. Its wood was nicked, the hinges old and rusty and the velvet torn and worn. Were it to be pulled down from the shelf surely it would be thrown away. To sit on this shelf, quiet and secure, was many times better than being discarded.

Yet, each time the closet door opened and the lights clicked on, it couldn’t help but hope to feel the touch of tiny fingers once again.

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despite my mutterings I am quite the girl sometimes. which means I have several stuffed animals. and sometimes I don’t treat them very well. I’ll notice that I’ve dropped something on poor Winnie’s head and I’ll feel so bad, worry that he hurts, then realize that I’m out of my ever-loving mind for worrying about a stuffed animal. sigh to infinity.

Posted by patricia  on  09/13  at  12:46 PM

ps. you seem to care plenty for people.

Posted by patricia  on  09/13  at  05:11 PM

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