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Summer Dreams

I met a child once who knew love without fear. He was living in a faraway land. During the day he closed his eyes and dreamed of places where dragons played and oceans crashed silently into mountains. As the sun shone bright upon him and dust danced around him, reflecting back his smile, he thought only of ice cream and baseball games going into 9 innings. His body was pink and healthy. Sometimes as he climbed trees and slid down hills an impertinent rock or unforeseen stick would mark his skin, but always these were brushed away without a second thought, like one absentmindedly swipes at a bug flying around on a hot summer day.

At night he simply closed his eyes and thought of nothing at all. His sleep was never interrupted by thoughts of hate or anxiety crawling through his veins, ever alert for that stealthy blow. He wouldn’t understand at all if you asked him if he ever cringed at the sight of a hand coming toward him. His brow would furrow and in his eyes you’d see nothing but confusion. ‘But, what about the pain?’ you’d ask. ‘Like when I fall off my bike when I take a corner too fast,’ he’d say.

‘No, like when you’re taking a shower and a wet rubber hose hits your skin,’  you’d clarify.

‘Oh, but nobody would ever do that to me,’ he’d reply.

And you’d nod and acknowledge this truth, undeniable and concrete. ‘What about when,’  you’d begin as you stared into his guileless eyes, only to stop.

‘You know what?’ you’d say. ‘Never mind.’ And you’d send him on his way. Like a summer dream he’d run off into the horizon, arms and legs pumping, skin shiny with sweat, hair ruffled by the wind and you’d smile; happy at the idea of him.

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Its funny…your audio blog posts were the first I ever listened too, so when I read this post, I felt I could hear your voice, and the rhythm in which this should be read…and then I listened to you read it…I had it almost exactly right…
Has anyone ever tell you that you have a beautiful speaking voice? Especially when you read your own writings?

Posted by Rachel-G  on  07/13  at  12:26 AM

Aw man.  I have been wanting to check out one of these audioblog posts for ages and now that I finally discover one, I’m at a friend’s place trying not to wake him up from a couple feet away.  Must remember to return when home.. must must must.

Posted by jennn  on  07/13  at  04:18 PM

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