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Just a funny little piece that I began a while ago. Have occasionally thought about going further with it, but just haven’t been able to figure out where it wants to go.

He’d told her time and time again “no turtlenecks!”  “She knows it makes me look like a no neck dweeb,” he thought.  What the hell was the woman thinking?  He’d told her now that he had his new look (with his hair weave taking and his body fat turning into rock hard muscle), he wanted to start dressing better.  And with these new elevator shoes with the unnoticeable lifts he was looking great.  He couldn’t get over himself.  He really should get business cards printed up with his home number on them.  It would be easier than writing his number out every 10 seconds.

Now surely the ladies wouldn’t say no.  Not like before, when they only laughed at him.  But they would see.  “My God, people are staring.”  Confident that it was because of the shirt he didn’t worry.  After all he was probably making the most out of the shirt.  Catching a glimpse of himself in a store window made him see that he really didn’t look so stupid.  The shirt actually made him look slimmer.  “I think Ill skip the gym today.  I don’t want to overdo it.  After all I did go two days ago.  Although, I could go if I thought it would do me any good.”

Flexing, he marveled at how strong he felt.  “God, I’m absolutely striking!”  He looked left then right, then he slowly ran his fingers through his hair.  It was amazing how good his new hair felt.  Yeah, it was true he could of paid more at a better doctor, but why pay more when you can get the same job done cheaper by a friend’s cousin’s neighbor’s doctor?  After all, they said it was normal to loose a few hairs everyday.  Besides he was careful to save them; he had them in a special Ziploc baggie, the kind with the yellow and blue make green seal.  Amazing what modern science can do nowadays.  Who would’ve thought to make a little green zipper to keep stuff fresh?

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the most incredible piece of jewelry.  It was striking.  Maybe he should get it for his sister as a thank you present for the shirts.  Walking into the store to see how much it cost couldn’t hurt.

A little while later he walked out with the rope like chain around his neck, the medallion slapping him gently on his massively beefy muscled chest.  In his back pocket he had the dipped in gold semi-precious bracelet he had gotten his sister.  He hoped she liked it.  But if it turned her wrist green like the last bracelet he had given her, he could just add it to his collection.

“Damn,” he thought, “not only am I incredibly handsome but I’m also a really great friend and brother!  Some woman is going to sure be lucky to have me as her boyfriend.”

With a spring in his step and with his 5-inch lifts slap, slap, slapping on the sidewalk he made his way through the crowd, happy and oblivious.

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