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“If I can make it to the corner,” she thought, “things will be alright.” Her breath came in quick bursts and her lungs burned. Anxiety kept her warm even as she tightened her coat around her body. Her reflection bouncing off the store windows lightly mocked her though she tried to avoid them. Had she stopped to stare, to look at herself, she would have known perhaps that things weren’t as bad as they seemed, but all she could think of right now was to get as far away from him as possible. For minutes now she’d pushed herself one block at a time. Each corner a new destination, a new goal. Where she was going she was uncertain. To her mother’s maybe? But there would be too many questions there and that would be the first place he’d look.

Which ruled out her best friend’s place too. Subsconsciously she registered the red stop light in front of her and she paused on the corner, looking about confused, as if the answer would be found in the faces of the strangers who surrounded her. She fell in line with the crowd and let it sweep her along for a few yards. Finally, exhausted, she stopped in front of a book store and stared at the titles in the windows. “This was as good a place as any,” she thought.

With a gloved hand she grasped the door’s handle and pulled it towards her body, causing the small bell to jingle. The young woman behind the register looked up and smiled, distracted. “Looking for anything in particular today?” she asked.

“No,” the woman replied. “I’m just going to look around.”

“Let me know if you need any help,” the young woman said before dropping her eyes back to the thick book on the counter.

The woman stared at the clerk for a few seconds longer, a question lingering in her eyes. Deciding she needed to find a place where she could clear her head, she opted to walk around, finding what little comfort she could in books that held stories similar to hers and some, some which would make what was happening now seem like a Sunday afternoon in a theme park.

Her breath normalized and she began slowly to relax. Finding a quiet corner, she pulled a random book off a shelf and sat down on the floor, flipping to the first page. This wasn’t going to fix anything, later she’d need to figure out what to do next, but for now, this was all the help she needed.


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We’ve all had that moment when we wanted to escape from something. I haven’t experienced this particular need but you still managed to write it in such a way that I actually sighed as she sat down on the floor.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  12/08  at  04:00 PM

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