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Site Updates Sept 03
My friend, who very kindly created my moongirl logo, so hated what I did to it this last go around that he took it upon himself to fix it for me. I knew he wasn't all that happy with my grayscale version, but I didn't realize how much he didn't care for it until I received an email with the new and improved colorized version attached.

As soon as I saw it, I loved it, of course. One would have to be a ninny not to see which version is better. I immediately emailed him back and whined begged asked that he please incorporate the new logo into the big heart graphic that I'd created.

He colored the heart red too. He also made logos in black and gray. By using the easy skins with MT and PHP tutorial from Empty Pages I've been able to incorporate the different color logos into different stylesheets. Now people can choose which color scheme they prefer. (Color switcher can be found on the about page.)

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