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A friend offered me her house while she is away for the weekend. “Why” I asked her ever so graciously.

“In case you want to get away.”

I laughed. “Away from what?”

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“Thanks,” I said, “I’ll think about it.” The tone in my voice implying that I would do no such thing.

“You have the keys,” she replied, “in case you change your mind.”

Friday night I considered the option and realized that, with several chores needing to be done, it actually would work out just fine if I did them while at her place. So I threw my laundry in trash bags (classy!), carried it down the three flight of stairs, placed it in my car and took off.*

I’ve now spent the better part of the day in the quiet house and I can say that I’m glad I changed my mind. While I of course have registered the amount of noise that is ever present in the city, I thought I’d gotten used to it. I’ve been telling people that it’s become white noise and I believed it. Till now. I’m surprised by how—I’m not sure what the correct word is. Relieved perhaps? Not relaxed as that doesn’t really seem to be a word that exists in my lexicon. Whatever it is, I now know that the next apartment, wherever it may be, will have to be a little quieter. Let’s just hope I can afford quiet! smirk

*Was a mile away when it suddenly hit me that I had forgotten her keys. I honestly don’t know how I manage to get around most days. Thank god I realized it before I drove the 30 miles to her place!

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oop - I read the rest - not much like Haroun anymore.  But damn good stuff!  I love the technique of starting with the same item and going in different directions - I’ll figure out a way to post some bigger stuff I’ve done along similar lines sort of…

Posted by dan  on  12/03  at  03:24 PM

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