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She dreamed

She dreamed of flowers. Of great big soft colorful flowers that caused her to sneeze all day long. She dreamed of flowers that she’d never even seen before in the waking world. In her dream world she could make things grow in pure air, she was that good.

She dreamed of the people who gave her the flowers. Random strangers would stop her and silently give her one perfect gift. Despite having full hands she was always able to accept one more.

She dreamed of painting flowers. But often she was unable to capture the vividness of the petals so she would shake her brain like an etch a sketch and shift the focus.

She dreamed of giving flowers. If she were a superhero gifting flowers would be her power. Sad day? Flowergirl to the rescue. Feeling unloved? Never fear, Flowergirl is here. She giggled in her sleep. Her costume was so bright she had to cover her eyes.  She dreamed that she could fly like a bee, from ache to ache soothing the pain with the right bloom. She dream thought that maybe flying was too cliche. But she brushed that thought aside. It’s a dream, she thought. It’s allowed.

In the mornings, she wakes tired, but satisfied. The smell of a thousand blooms softly lingering in the air.

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