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Purple rose

Eddie: Do you think she hates us?

Zach: No.

Eddie: So why does she-

Zach: I don’t know. Be careful with the glitter.

Eddie: Ok. What do they make glitter out of?

Zach: Different colored foil. They run it through a machine that cuts it into these tiny little squares.

Eddie: Have you ever seen the machine?

Zach: No.

Eddie: So how do you know? Did you read a book or something?

Zach: I just do. Somethings you just know. You’ll see.

Eddie: Can I put glue on my hand and let it dry so I can pretend it’s my dead skin falling off?

Zach: Sure. Just don’t eat it like last time. I don’t want to get into trouble again if you get sick.

Eddie: I didn’t mean to get sick. I’m sorry you got in trouble for it.

Zach: I know. Are you almost done? She’ll be up soon.

Eddie: Almost. I just need to make one last flower. Do you think it’s okay if I make a purple rose? She likes purple.

Zach: I think that’s okay. You can use purple to spell happy mother’s day too.

Eddie: Yeah, cool. You think today will be a good day?

Zach: If we’re good yeah.

Eddie: I can be good.

Zach: I know.

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