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I have a few compulsions that I overindulge.

Among them is my relationship with Otis. Otis you ask? Yes. Otis elevators. For those of you not in the know, the Otis Elevator Company has been making elevators since 1853. I don’t know when it started but every time I get into an Otis elevator I feel compelled to say hello and goodbye to Otis. “Hi Otis! Lovely day today, no?” Something that has been around that long deserves to be acknowledged I think.

If I’m alone, this is said out loud. I’m there are people in the elevator with me, I merely think the words and I can’t help but feel a little resentful towards the strangers intruding on my quality Otis time.

I’m not crazy, though I like to pretend as you can see.

Tonight, on the way to Target to buy a babyshower gift I passed by Otis Street. Obviously, so as to not have him (her?) feel left out, I had to say hello. And I continued, “My day could have been better, Otis. I hate to say it. I don’t suppose you have bad days, huh? As long as no one crashes in your intersections I bet that makes for a good day. Although, there are potholes to consider, pedestrians to watch over, lights to manage. Goodness. I guess you don’t have it easy either.”

This wasn’t all that comforting after it was all said and done.

I don’t suppose the elevators have it any easier.

If there was a point to this little story, it got lost somewhere along the way. I think what we can definitely take away from it, however, is that a little crazy sometimes goes a long way.

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