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She told me she loved me exactly 243 days ago. It was raining and we were standing in a doorway, waiting for the rain to stop, or at least, slow to a drizzle. She turned to me and spoke the words softly against my cheek and despite the pounding of the raindrops on the cold cement, I heard them. I felt them. It was as if suddenly I discovered I had a heart and realized what it was for. The pumping of the blood in and out served only to carry her words to all the various parts of my body. My brain exploded and I closed my eyes; reflected on my eyelids were a thousand and one tiny sparks.

I leaned over and breathed my reply into her mouth. She sucked the words in and accepted them freely.

Let’s go, I said. But the rain, she said. It’s just perfect, I replied.

She called me crazy, laughed and accepted the pull of my body. We ran all the way home, where I had thought I wanted to make love to her, but instead, all I did was gather her in my arms and fall asleep, letting my body reacquaint itself with hers through the night; each unconscious touch a repeat of the words we’d whispered hours before.

Hey! What do you know. I am capabale of happy endings. Totally shocks the hell out of me because that’s not the way I was expecting this to turn out. God, I love writing. Truly I do. I can’t imagine ever wanting to stop.

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you lost me. jealous of?

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  09/02  at  06:43 PM

i’m sorry that we’re not too quick on the uptake. not so jealous no more.

Posted by anne  on  09/03  at  04:11 PM

good. jealousy eats away at you till you’re a bitter old pill like me.  ../../images/smileys/laugh3.gif

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  09/03  at  04:15 PM

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