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She doesn't write because she's afraid that people will confuse make-believe with reality.

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oh yeah.

Posted by anna  on  04/12  at  06:50 PM

Some ppl should not breed. I can say nothing more than this.

Posted by Curator  on  04/13  at  05:13 AM

With college kids getting expelled from school because of stories that they write, perhaps this fear is not all that unreasonable these days.

Posted by Miss Bliss  on  04/13  at  12:00 PM

people DO confuse make-believe with reality.  i think it’s normal, in fact (and has nothing to do with whether or not people should be allowed to breed).  have you ever had a dream so vivid you woke up feeling different about a friend because of something s/he said during your unconscious journey in the night?  it takes a good long moment of reflection to put the world back on its axis after a dream like that.

and also, yeah, what miss bliss said.

Posted by romy  on  04/13  at  01:33 PM

i haven’t had one of those dreams, but i did dream a few weeks ago that i’d finally had enough of work and had quit. when i woke up i literally spent a minute or two trying to figure out if i’d really quit and whether i had to go into work or not. boy, was i disappointed when i realized it was only a dream.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  04/13  at  02:00 PM

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