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Dress up

Sitting in the cab of his truck, in the deserted parking lot, he takes the dress out of the pink shopping bag and carefully folds it into a small bundle. Reaching into the back of the cab, he grabs his backpack and places it on the seat next to him. He takes the navy pumps out of the box and puts them in the bottom of the pack, making sure the heels point down. He picks up the pink shopping bag, reaches inside and grabs the delicate tissue paper, which he places on top of the shoes. Above that goes the bundled dress.

His moves are methodical, practiced, he doesn’t spare the time to look around, to wonder if anyone has seen him. The salesgirl, Wendy, asked him if he wanted her to use a different bag, but he declined. She asks this particular question each time he visits the store, but nothing else, though he knows it’s there on her lips, in her questioning eyes. Eyes that, though slightly puzzled, don’t mock. He appreciates that, so he keeps coming back, always on her shift. He knows the sales people work on commission.

Once he’s stored his purchases, he inserts the key into the ignition and starts up the pickup. A quick smile plays upon his slightly chapped lips. He knows that, if asked, many would express surprise about his—hobby, for the lack of a better word. “Rugged” men like him aren’t supposed to play dress up with women’s clothes. If they only knew, he thinks.

The drive home is short, traffic having let up hours before; most of his commute is taken up by his hunt for a parking spot near the apartment building. Shutting off the truck, he grabs the backpack and slings it over his shoulder as his tall, lean body swings out of the cab.

Walking up to the building he sees a light shining from his bedroom window. He smiles, happy that his wife is home and that he won’t have to wait very long before he can show off his new outfit.

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Posted by Miss Bliss  on  04/20  at  11:16 AM

so very, very good - i am applauding

Posted by Jules  on  04/20  at  06:39 PM

thanks guys. i was actually considering taking it down because there’s something that doesn’t seem quite right about it, but i’m glad you liked it. maybe i’m just being too picky today.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  04/20  at  07:32 PM

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