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Divorce Papers

I want to serve divorce papers
to my mother.
And cite irreconcilable differences
as the reason.

I would like it to be
quick and painless.
I know it would be more
pulling off a band aid.
I would have two options:




Pain full

I don’t want to
go to court
and have it be a long

Where all the
you shouldn’t have’s
and I can’t believe you did that’s
would weary
the stenographer’s fingers.

The accusations would fall
like the hot tears
that dried up
yesterday and the day before that.

The judge
in her starched black robe
would marvel
at the way we would fight
over the pain and hurts
like they were China plates.
Would she realize
that they were more expensive?
She would ask if
there could possibly be
a reconciliation?

I would lean forward
look across the room at
my mother
whose face
would be turned
away from me.

I would think back
to the good times.
and have trouble remembering them.
Because the hate-full words have

clouded everything.

I would have to tell the judge,

Then I would lean back
and sad.

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i’ve been there. i couldn’t have said it better myself. brilliant piece, patricia…

xoxo, jared

Posted by the evil queen  on  09/09  at  11:57 AM

i’m glad it got such a good reception. i was a little worried it read like a 13 year old wrote it. =( thanks.

Posted by patricia  on  09/09  at  01:21 PM


Posted by ezmerelda  on  09/09  at  05:55 PM

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