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Joey:   Mandy? Can I help you make dinner?

Mandy: No.

Joey:   How come?

Mandy: You’re too little.

Joey:    No, I’m not. ‘Member last month when we went to the wrinkled people’s home -

Mandy: Old people’s home.

Joey:   Yeah. The purple haired lady -

Mandy:  Mrs. Kravitz

Joey:   Yeah. Her. She said I looked big for only being 6 years old.

Mandy: I remember. But she didn’t have her glasses on and besides she thought you were her son when he was little.

Joey:   Yeah. That was weird. So, can I help?

Mandy: No.

Joey:   Ok.

Joey:   Mandy? Do you think I’m smart?

Mandy: Sure.

Joey:   Cuz I’m not.

Mandy: Sure you are.

Joey:   I’m not. I don’t know everything. Like I don’t know where cheese comes from. I know where milk comes from, but not cheese. AND I don’t know how to drive.

Mandy: I don’t know how to drive. Do you think I’m stupid?

Joey:   No! You’re the smartest people I know.

Mandy: That’s cuz I’m a girl. Girls are smarter than boys.

Joey:   Oh.

Joey:   What are we having for dinner?

Mandy: Mac and cheese.

Joey:   From the oven or the microwave?

Mandy: Microwave.

Joey:   But I don’t like that kind!

Mandy: Too bad. You know I’m not allowed to use the oven if Mom isn’t home.

Joey:   I know. When are you gonna be allowed to use the oven?

Mandy: When I’m 20.

Joey:    That’s a long time. Mandy? When you’re 20 will you make me cheesy mac from the oven all the time?

Mandy: Sure. Come on. Sit down. It’s ready.

Joey:   Mandy?

Mandy: Yeah.

Joey:   The cheesy mac tastes good.

Mandy: I know.

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