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I want to write.
I have words.
But I am afraid of giving them voice.

Instead, I give you the now traditional Christmas design.
I jumped around a bit this morning, looking for a new image,
with thoughts of doing a new design
but, I’m either very lazy and disinterested or I just really like this one.
Or maybe it’s a combination of both.*

Also, here’s this:
This morning, after waking up to the alarm at 5:00 am and again at 5:30,
I went back to sleep.
That’s when I had a mini dream. You know,
the type of thing you only remember for a scene.
No beginning, middle or end.
Just a scene
Like your brain said, “Eh. This is all I got for you right now.
Come back later and we’ll see what happens then.”
Sort of like this entry.
So anyway.
The scene
Me in the car, heading who knows where
Early morning chill hanging in the air
Which maybe explains the penguins
But not why they were teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy penguins.
No. I mean tiny. Like no bigger than your hand tiny.
You with me now?

There they were, waving their arms (arms? wings?) at me.
I can’t explain to you why I couldn’t avoid driving over them.
The crunch was bigger than expected
on account of the teeny-tiny-ness of it all.
Right at the bump, when I closed my eyes in dismay,
that’s when I awoke again.

I decided it was best to just get up and start the day then.
Can you blame me?

Sleep, while much needed, is scary sometimes.

*I do want a new slogan though. Suggestions welcome. Double entendres strongly encouraged.

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