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Gail: I think that’s depraved.
Carey: Yeah?
Gail: Yes.
Carey: Even if it’s a married couple?
G: Especially if.
C: Really?!? Hmmm.
C: So, you’d never?
G: No! Of course not.
C: Never even been curious?
G: No. No…
C: I did it once.
G: You did? With whom?
C: You remember that guy I met at Chris’ ‘Be your own twin’ Halloween party?
G: No.
C: Anyway. With him.
G: And this guy didn’t think you were strange for wanting to do - you know?
C: You can’t even say the word? You’re such a prude.
G: I prefer the term traditional, thank you very much. Besides sex is perfectly fun without all the contraptions.
C: Oh, but it can be tons more fun with the contraptions.
G: Then I suggest you’re not doing it right.
C: Please. You’re giving me lessons on how to have fun sex? Right.

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and you wanna know a secret? I don’t know what they’re talking about either. I wrote the damn thing and even I can’t think of what they could possibly be discussing. I’ve been wondering all day myself. If I come up with anything I’ll let you know. =)

Did I ruin it for you?

Posted by patricia  on  09/05  at  10:38 PM

actually, now it’s even more intriguing….


Posted by dan  on  09/07  at  10:51 AM

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