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Jason: You owe me.

Matt: I do? For what?

Jason: I told Karen that you were with me last night.

Matt: But I was with you.

Jason: I know. But I didn’t have to tell her that.

Matt: But it was the truth. Anything else would have been a lie.

Jason: Listen to you. You get a woman and all of a sudden you care about truth and lies.

Matt: What are you smoking? I’ve always cared about telling the truth. You’re the psychopath.

Jason: You start a couple of fires and you get labeled. Besides, that doesn’t make me a psycho; that makes me a pyro. It’s not like I’m drowning kittens.

Matt: I wouldn’t put it past you.

Jason: Nah. Kittens are cute.


Lori: You’re bleeding.

Bridget: I know.

Lori: You know?

Bridget: Yes.

Lori: Are you gonna do anything about it?

Bridget: Yes. I’m going to watch the blood dry.

Lori: Okay. How’d you get cut?

Bridget: I cut myself.

Lori: You cut yourself?

Bridget: Yes.

Lori: Uhm. Why?

Bridget: I get better scars this way.

Lori: Better than what?

Bridget: I tried burning myself, but you can’t really control that.  Never know
how long you have to hold the fire to get a good scar. Though you get much better coloring.

Lori: You know this is not normal?

Bridget: Yes. But don’t worry.

Lori: Don’t worry?

Bridget: Yes. I don’t cut too deep.

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