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Coffee break

She sits and waits; smiling
slowly sipping her drink
she plays with her hair and thinks.
I watch - wondering
what brings that smile?
I stare
She senses my eyes upon her life.
She smiles
not begrudging my intrusion.

Time has passed.
Frowning she looks at her watch.
She sighs.
She tugs at her hair; confused.
She glances yet again at her watch.

I feel guilty
for witnessing her growing unease.
She worries the entrance
expectant, waiting, wanting
She finishes her drink
She crumples her napkin.

She meets my eyes
and quickly glances down.
With a flick of her hair
she composes herself.
She calls the waiter
and orders her food.

I glance at my watch.
Finish my coffee and leave.

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