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I watched silently, incredibly amused by the scene before me. I thought to myself that if the little boy didn’t get a piece of candy soon he would burst. The movie on my neighbor’s TV wasn’t half as captivating as watching Ricky try and get a hold of my cherry Jolly Ranchers. I watched as he made his way into the room, silently creeping up to the candy as if it were going to get up and run away from him.

“Hey, Ricky! How’s it going?” I asked as he walked up to the arm of the couch. His bony elbow pushed at my arm; I could feel the sweat and dirt rubbing against my skin, wet and clammy.

“It’s okay,” he said as he stared at the candy on the glass coffee table. I tried desperately to keep the grin off my face as I asked him what he’d been up to outside.

His eyes darted back and forth from the candy to me as he answered my question. “I was playing with some friends but mom said I have to come in now ‘cause it’s time for dinner. Are those yours?”

“What’s mine?” God, I’m horrible! I thought. “Oh, the candy. Yeah, that’s mine. I love these things, you know. Hey, you want one?”


“Why not?”

“Cause I’m not ‘sposed to have any candy before dinner.”

My nails clicked against the glass as I picked up two pieces from the table. I looked around to make sure Jeanie was still in the kitchen. “Come here,” I said as I started to unwrap the candy. My mouth was already anticipating the tart, tangy taste of the red square. Even without tasting it I could feel my mouth fill with saliva, getting ready. I pulled him onto the couch next to me and held him close, loving the feel of his small five year old body next to mine. He smelled like spring; a strange combination of fresh cut grass, sweat and the peculiar smell of the mulch that people used in their gardens. “Ricky, what sort of games were you playing with your friends?”

“Me, Tommy and Jimmy were digging worms so we could scare Tommy’s sister with ‘em. She doesn’t like worms and she got Tommy in trouble so we wanted to get back at her so we were looking for them in Mr. Arnold’s back yard. He even gave us a paper cup to hold them in but we didn’t tell him what they were for ‘cause then he probably wouldn’t of let us. Is that one for me? Are you gonna tell my mom you gave me the candy ‘cause she said I wasn’t ‘sposed to have anything ‘cause it’s time for dinner.” As the words spewed from his tiny mouth his eyes were riveted to the piece of candy in my palm. I wanted very much to laugh and give him a tremendous hug but I knew he definitely would not appreciate that, candy or not.

“Don’t worry about your mom. I’ll tell her I forced you to take a piece, and that you’re actually helping me out by eating some of these because my tongue is irritated by all the sugar.” I could tell I had confused him by my last comment so I showed him my inflamed taste buds. “This is what happens when I have too many of these but it’s been that kind of day, but you don’t want to hear about that. Okay, you ready? You are really going to like this candy. It’s my favorite.”

I unwrapped the candy, the cellophane crinkling unbelievably loud which caused Ricky to dart a worried look towards the kitchen. I popped the candy into his mouth and watched as the first bursts of flavor exploded in there. His lips puckered up and a little river of saliva escaped from between his lips. I laughed then and used the hem of my t-shirt to wipe it away.

“You like it?” I watched his eyes water just a little bit.  He nodded his head but kept his lips tightly closed. I put an arm around his shoulders, pulled him close and popped the other piece of candy in my mouth. My taste buds greatly protested the torture and the sharp corners of the candy poked the inside of my cheeks. I could feel my lips puckering up and the back of my throat start to tickle. I rolled the candy around my mouth with my tongue, wearing down the sharp edges, trying to find a comfortable place for it. I looked down at Ricky and he looked up with a sugary grin. I winked and settled down on the couch to enjoy my candy and the company, knowing that neither was going to last for too long.

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ah sweetie, you’re much too kind. trust me. i waste plenty of paper. i started and scratched out four different stories and 2 different poems before i posted this one. i shouldn’t use the word waste though. nothing is ever really a waste since you never know what forgotten, dead end sentence will spark something entirely new on another day.

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  03/31  at  01:02 AM

my mouth is still watering from your incredibly written description. awesome, pea!

Posted by nicole  on  03/31  at  01:51 AM

mmmmmmmm…...cherry jolly ranchers…..*droul*

Posted by matt  on  03/31  at  10:06 AM

this evokes my inner sugar fiend! i was a sucro-holic when i was a kid and i’m craving candy now!

Posted by mbc  on  03/31  at  11:36 AM

beautiful descriptions, you horrible, torturous soul…

Posted by anne  on  03/31  at  12:19 PM

my favorite jolly ranchers were watermelon and fire, but it was even better to have you say cherry and start drooling.

Posted by dan  on  03/31  at  02:14 PM

P, you should have seen Chuckles on Friday- he had on his POWER SUIT- he actually Glowed!


Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  03/31  at  06:27 PM

Cherry is my favorite too along with Lemon and Sour Apple.

Yummy stuff. It’s really the only hard candy (read: non-chocolate) I like.

Posted by gimmy  on  04/01  at  01:19 PM

Candies!!!!! tongue2.gif

Posted by Jay  on  04/02  at  03:34 PM

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