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Can I be honest?

Girl: Can I be honest with you?

Guy: No.

Girl: What?

Guy: I said no. You asked me a question. I’m saying no.

Girl: So, you’d rather I lie to you?

Guy: Why do we even have to talk about it at all?

Girl: Why don’t you want me to be honest with you?

Guy: Previous experience has shown me that anyone who starts a conversation with “Can I be honest with you?” is just asking for permission to tell you something you don’t want to hear.

Girl: Like?

Guy: Like, Can I be honest with you? You don’t turn me on. Or, Can I be honest with you? I ate the last slice of pizza.

Girl: So, my mistake was in the opening?

Guy: It’s always about the opening. Even when people tell you it’s about the middle or the end, it’s really about the opening. If you opened right you could tell me you’d just killed my dog and I wouldn’t be mad.

Girl: I see.

Guy: No, you don’t, but that’s okay.

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I wish I could take credit for the dialogue idea, but I got it from seed_tree_paper. that guy is pure genius! i love reading his stuff.

Posted by patricia  on  09/13  at  11:27 AM

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