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All they are

Tell you what I like about you. I like that you like me. That is a rare thing. I don’t know what it is about me that makes people not like me. Oh sure. They start out well enough but eventually, I don’t know. It’s like I’m too much. Though personally I think I’m not enough. You’d be surprised at how little space there is between too much and not enough. One would think they’d be worlds apart but they’re not.

No, you’re right. You always are. I shouldn’t go around talking like that. See, that’s another thing I like about you. You tell me this kind of stuff. You care enough to hurt sometimes. People, they think loving and caring is about folding someone in a little bubble, a cocoon, of never letting them experience pain but life isn’t like that. Life has no consideration for your feelings so it’s best, sooner rather than later, to develop a tough skin and fall a little.

Except, you and me, we’ve fallen enough for ten people, haven’t we? I like when you wear shorts and shirts with no sleeves. Know why? That way I can see your scars. All those little so called imperfections that mark you as someone who’s really lived. Really loved too. Unfortunately.

No, no. I know. I shouldn’t think that way. Especially after what I just said, except, I don’t know. There are moments, regrets. You try to live your life without them and yet they burrow inside of your heart, like maggots almost. Eating away at your will and desire to trust.

What? Yeah, that was kind of gross. I thought so too even as the words were coming out of my mouth but what are you gonna do? These things aren’t things I plan to say. They’re just words. That’s all they are.



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