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A Matter of Importance

If I think of nothing
but you for one hundred years
What will I have accomplished?

I often sit in wonder
At the simplicity of it all.
I lie at night dreaming of life as it is.
Unable to fanthom what it could be.
The unimaginable is just that
beyond my imagination
and my comprehension.

I wake up with thoughts
that threaten to shatter
like glass after it’s been pummeled
by angry fists.

All around me
feelings walk around masquarading
as people
who smile and pretend
that this thought is better than that thought.
This idea is grander than that idea.
I’m better than you.
And you’re no better than the faint trace of
yesterday’s forgotten dreams.

And I live in this world where
we do things without fear.
Some would tell you that it’s because of fear.
But I beg to differ.
I beg
to disagree
even though I’m told that my voice is merely one
and it’s not the one that matters.

It’s the absence of fear
that makes one forget
that there is a time beyond this we.
But I’m getting ahead of myself,
of you and me.
We’re in the now.
Don’t you see?
Living in a time where I’m better than you
and no way in Hell are you better than me.

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I’m often not sure what cummings is saying, and likewise I’m taken in a lot of different directions by this poem - i’ve read it a few times now and it’s so very beautiful but I’m really not sure what to make of it.  I get emotions but I can’t track them well.  Very interesting.  Nice work.

Posted by Dan  on  03/18  at  11:13 AM

I really like this piece.  It reminds me of something I wrote, one line in particular which partially reads, “...the mind like a dream so fragile, breaks like glass being shattered but with an utterance, with a whisper.” Sorry, just had to compliment you on the glass analogy.  Be well and good luck, I really like your writing style.  Poetry is the best.  ../../images/smileys/thumbsup.gif

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  03/18  at  03:20 PM

dan:: not surprising that you went several different directions. i did too. that’s what i get for trying to write at work. it was gonna be a guy/girl thing but towards the end it was more of a state of the world thing but clearly it’s more of a mind-purge, pea is crazy thing. thanks.  ../../images/smileys/smile1.gif

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  03/18  at  03:44 PM

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