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A Brief How-to
When you’re trying to run away from yourself
cash is the only way to go. The less you see your name in print the faster it is to forget who you are.
When you’re trying to run away from yourself
it’s better to stay in cheap motels with lumpy mattresses, to trade in your emotional hurts for tangible physical pain.
When you’re trying to run away from yourself
the only time to travel is during the day, when the glare of the sun hides your sins.
When you’re trying to run away from yourself
fear knows no boundaries. It’s ever mindful of your slips and falls, until every step, regardless of how small, is a test you’re sure you’ll fail.
When you’re trying to run away from yourself
you’d better bring some good running shoes because you’re gonna be running hard and you’re gonna be running long.

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When your running away from yourself , how do you know where you started and where you been?

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  03/17  at  11:02 PM

Oh girl you are soooooooo good!  I’m still working on a surprise for you, it’s almost done actually.

Posted by Miss Bliss  on  03/18  at  01:12 AM

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