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Drowning RuthQB VII

Book: Better Off, Eric Brende
Start Date: 11/05/05
End Date: 11/14/05

A couple leave behind all modern trappings and move to a community that, as the backcover blurb reads, “even the Amish consider antiquated.” The front cover contains a brief blurb from Jon Krakauer, author of Into Thin Air, that makes me wonder if we read the same book. Krakauer says that Brende doesn’t come off as sanctimonious. I have to disagree. Maybe it’s my self-conscious love for, I don’t know, electricity, but I definitely detect a little sanctimonious tone. A technology bad, living off the land all good tone. Still, despite that, I enjoyed the book. It did make me wonder if I could get by with less technology, but there’s no way I’m turning the switch, so it’s just idle thought.

Posted on 11/01 at 07:38 PM


That’s one great, real book by E Brende. Just finished reading it and I truely recommend this one.

Posted by Wong PoK√©r Hu  on  11/08  at  12:11 PM

i haven’t read it, though i hope to at some point; brende’s book being one of the more recent additions to the always-lengthening someday i’ll read it list.  that said, i’m not surprised you find krakauer’s take on the book slightly different than your own—as much as i like his work, it always seems to leave out the option of other possible answers.
so it goes, i suppose.

Posted by matt  on  11/27  at  08:56 PM

umm…i haven’t read it. but um…my name is Brende nd i was actually looking for something else. but i will love to read the book. sounds good.  : )

Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  07/07  at  08:14 PM

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