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Book: Shopaholic & Sister, Sophie Kinsella
Start Date: 10/01/05
End Date: 10/05/05

Right about the time I was realizing I had a problem with budgeting money, I read the first Shopaholic book, “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. The book actually helped me a lot, it was as if it was illuminating all of my bad habits. In reading about Rebecca Bloomwood’s silly and desperate antics, I finally realized just how silly and desperate my own were. It was eye opening.

“Shopaholic & Sister”, however, was nothing like that. I made it through the book only because I have a hard time letting books go unfinished. Moments that were supposed to be funny and silly just frustrated me. It’s silly to expect a lot of change from this character since without the shopping addiction there wouldn’t be much of a reason to continue the series. The silver lining to it all, I suppose, is that in reading about Rebecca’s spending troubles, I no longer see myself. So even if the character hasn’t grown, I have. Though I will admit that I still spend way too much on books. Oh the irony.

Posted on 10/05 at 08:53 PM


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