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QB VIIZero: The Biography of Dangerous Idea

Book: Under the Tuscan Sun, Frances Mayes
Start Date: 10/06/05
End Date: 11/28/05

I’ve had this book for close to three years I believe. I tried getting through it back then but halfway through I lost interest. I didn’t think too much about it since so much of my reading is directly tied to my moods. When the movie came out, and I saw how much the story was changed, I tried picking it up again, but still it was a no go. At that point I wondered if maybe I wasn’t meant to finish it. If I weren’t so stubborn about books, I might have given the book away at that point but instead I put it back on the shelf, certain that I’d get back to it.

A few weeks ago, after I’d once again enforced a book buying ban, I pulled this book off the shelf. Third times a charm as the saying goes. I finally managed to get through it. I’m not sure what was different this time around because I still had trouble with sections of the book. At first I thought it was because I couldn’t get a good mental picture of the Italy Mayes describes. But that’s never been a problem before. Then I hit one of her recipe sections. That’s when I realized what the trouble is. It’s not the geography that I have a trouble identifying with, it’s all the cooking. The book details the adventure of buying and renovating a house in a foreign country without speaking the language, but food plays a big part in the story as well. And that’s what I can’t relate to. When Mayes goes on and on about ingredients, and shopping trips and food preparation, she loses me. So much so that I completely skipped the recipe section, even though a few of them had snippets of storytelling. I felt bad about skimming or skipping sections for a little while but then I let that go. I enjoyed her story much better without those sections. I’m sure the recipes she includes are tasty, but considering that I rarely spend time in the kitchen, there was no point in taking the time to read them.

Posted on 11/28 at 08:08 PM


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