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Book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J.K. Rowling
Start Date: 07/16/05
End Date: 07/21/05

After reading the 5th book (all 800 pages of it) I wondered aloud if Rowling was being paid by the word. I felt then that the story went for far too long and I feel the same way about this book although at 650 pages, it’s clear she showed a little bit of restratint. I like to read and I enjoy the Potter books but 600 pages of build-up is just too much even for me. I consistenly found myself skipping sections of the book all the while thinking, “Come on. Get on with it. Where’s the action?” And then, finally, it happened but it happened so fast I was left feeling a bit cheated. The ending was a bit heavy handed, just over the top melodrama. Overall I don’t think the book was as good as its predecessors. Although that may just be that I’m running out of patience with the whole story. I don’t even know if I care anymore whether Voldermort or Harry dies, I just want to know how the whole thing ends already.

Posted on 07/21 at 09:00 AM


I can understand what you’re saying, Nina and I agree with a lot of it. I haven’t skipped any sections of HP yet but I have commented to others a number of times that there’s way too much buildup for very little payoff. I just like the journey enough and don’t feel very emotionally invested in the characters so the ride is fine even if we never get to the destination. In fact, I see no real reason why the assumed endpoint of Hogwarts’ graduation will be the end. After all, HP is going to have a career after school, isn’t he? LOL

Posted by utenzi  on  09/25  at  08:24 PM

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