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Book: Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress, Susan Jane Gilman
Start Date: 05/04/05
End Date: 05/26/05

I’m only 30 pages into this book but I can tell I’m going to really like it. It would be hard not to like a book that starts out with “When I was little, I was so girlie and ambitious, I was practically a drag queen.”

I’ve been reading quite a few memoirs lately and they constantly amaze me. They’re so honest! Gilman’s book is no different. There were times when I cringed, horrified that she was sharing such intimate details of her life, but that’s what makes this book so fantastic. The writing is wonderful too and makes me want to pick up a pen and paper. That’s always something I appreciate in a book.

Posted on 05/25 at 11:14 PM


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