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Book: To Have and To Hold, Jane Green
Start Date: 04/16/05
End Date: 04/17/05

This is the sort of book that makes me wish I used my library card more often. This book definitely didn’t need to be purchased. I knew as I was buying it that I was going to regret it but I am physically incapable of leaving Border’s emptyhanded. What I really wanted to buy was Galileo’s Daughter but I couldn’t remember if I’d already purchased it. So this book was a substitution and a poor one at that. I can’t even really explain what I didn’t like about it. You know from the get go that Alice isn’t meant to be with Joe and yet there she is, being at his beck and call for more than half the book. It was just too damn frustrating. Plus, somewhere in the 2nd or third chapter she admits that she’s heard the rumors about her cheating husband but she puts them aside because she doesn’t want to deal with it. Please. I know I joke about pulling a Scarlett and putting things off till the following day, but come on. There’s denial and then there’s denial. That’s the kind of thing I’d deal with in a hot second. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother with chicklit.

Posted on 04/17 at 01:08 PM


Yeah, library cards rock.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been relieved that I didn’t buy some lame book.

Don’t give up on chicklit, though.  It’s like boobs…seen one, definately haven’t seen them all.  (smile)

Posted by twyla  on  04/18  at  09:44 AM

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