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Shutter IslandThe Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Book: Islands, Anne River Siddons
Start Date: 04/09/05
End Date: 04/10/05

I’ve been reading Siddons on and off for years now. I usually reach for her books when I need something that doesn’t require me to do too much thinking, just a nice, happy read. I was a little disappointed in the plot of this book although the writing as usual was quite solid. Halfway through Siddons introduces a know-it-all bitch on wheels that just seems extremely out of place and to top it all off she delivers one line that pretty much tipped the ending for me. You would think, given that I’m one of those people who sometimes jumps to the ending of a book, that I wouldn’t mind this but I did. It wasn’t enough to ruin the book for me but I did find myself rushing through the rest of it so that I could cross the book of my list.

Posted on 04/10 at 12:17 PM


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