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Book: Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, Mary Roach
Start Date: 01/16/05
End Date: 02/03/05

A friend told me about this book last year. At the time I couldn’t understand how he could be so excited about a book about cadavers of all things. But, having finished the book, I now completely understand. The book is disturbing at times, but always enlightening. The most surprising thing is that it’s funny. Mary Roach manages to infuse humor while yet still being very respectful. I didn’t at all expect funny, but given the subject covered, it’s a welcome touch.

I came to the conclusion a few years ago that I want to be cremated. After reading the book I’m more convinced than anything that I made the right choice. The book does bring up an interesting point however. Roach writes that the deceased should have no say in where they end up or how the body is disposed of. That it’s the family members who have to set things up and deal with a loved one’s passing and that the family should do what’s most comfortable for them. That’s a valid point I suppose. Especially for those times when people leave behind complex, detailed instructions. I have to give all of this some thought.

Posted on 02/03 at 05:49 PM


I loved this book.  I picked it up at BAM for my daughter who was taking anatomy at college, thinking it might be up her alley.  I sat down to pick through it and ended up accidentally reading the whole book!  I looked up, dazed, and realized it was dark outside and I had just lost almost 3 hours.  That doesn’t happen just every day.  Fascinating book!

Posted by twyla  on  02/07  at  01:59 AM

A friend told me about the book about a year ago. I remember thinking it so odd that he should go on and on about a book about cadavers. Now I understand and now I’m the one who’s going on and on about a book about cadavers. And it’s my turn to be looked at funny. Actually, that happens on a near daily basis regardless of what I’m reading so I guess that’s not a big deal.

Posted by patricia  on  02/07  at  02:11 AM

twyla lent me this book to pick through. I devoured it and loved it. I have since been telling my hubby that after I’ve saved hundreds of lives as a crash-test cadaver I want to be composted. He just smiles his patient smile.

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