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FoundationForward the Foundation

Book: Foundation and Empire, Isaac Asimov
Start Date: 08/21
End Date: 09/23

The 3rd book in the series. I found Foundation just a tad tedious. Mostly because the book is made up of four short stories and I don’t much care for reading short stories. Plus, I really enjoyed reading about Hari Seldon in Prelude to Foundation. In the next couple of books, he’s only referenced I think, briefly making appearances when a crisis comes up. I’m looking forward to getting to Forward the Foundation where the story comes back to Seldon. Before that happens, however, I need to work through this book, and three others, one of which I don’t have and can’t find in bookstores. Bother. Blah. I have a couple of weeks to find it so I guess I shouldn’t get all worked up about it.

Posted on 08/21 at 07:28 PM


Now I’m confused.  Whether you’re reading the books in the order Asimov wrote them or in the order they appear in the official timeline, you’d be reading Forward directly after Prelude so you get the whole sense of Seldon’s life in one complete shot.

Don’t knock yourself out to find Foundation and Earth.  It’s a tedious mess. Asimov realized that he wrote himself into a corner with it, which is why his next books were prequels that focused on Seldon.

Posted by Greg  on  08/21  at  10:06 PM

Well, join the club mister. Forward is missing from the Asimov list. I’m guessing because it was published before that book was written. But in every single Foundation book I own, Forward is listed as the 6th book, Prelude is first, with Foundation listed second.

sigh. I’m making this more complicated than it needs to be. I think, though, that if I read Forward right now that I won’t be in the mood to read the rest. I may just leave it till the end just as a little treat and incentive to work through the series.

Posted by patricia  on  08/21  at  10:24 PM

For what its worth, I vote for the order of the stories…but?  I’m also the sicko who would recommend starting with I Robot, moving through the Robot novels AND the Galactic Empire novels before touching the Foundation series.  Can you tell I love these books?  My dad handed them to me as a kid and I’ve reread them several times.

Posted by Chris  on  08/24  at  05:58 PM

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