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Book: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, David Sedaris
Start Date: 06/27
End Date: 07/01

Naked is still by far his best book, but this had its moments. I marvel sometimes at how dysfunctional is so universal. True, each family has its unique quirks and dynamic but every now and again, I see things I recognize in a book and it’s a little comforting. In a perverse, I’m not the only crazy out there kind of way. In Ship Shape Sedaris’s father promises the family a beach house and, for some unknown reason the entire family falls for the dream, only to have it pulled out from under them in the end. The thing is, you know it’s going to happen, and yet you want to keep hoping that this time, this time, things will be different, that this time the promise will be kept. Man, do I know that feeling. Very well. Too well.

I laughed the hardest while reading Possession. There are times when I hesitate about posting something on the blog, when I’m so nervous and jittery that I actually break out into a cold sweat. Whenever that happens I force myself to hit the Publish button, simply because I refuse to give into the fear. The “What will people think about me?” thoughts. The embarrassment of admitting something which I find so private. All this trouble for what? For a handful of people to read it. Meanwhile, Sedaris puts his most troubling thoughts on paper, binds them up and sends them out to the entire world.

I mean, who admits to wanting Anne Frank’s apartment, not because of the history, but because of the apartment’s beautiful layout? Who would dare to say that, when looking at her wall of posters, he would tear it down to make the room more airy? Holy hell. I laughed, cringed and shook my head in wonder all at once. The nerve really. Just amazing.

Posted on 06/27 at 10:33 PM


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